Tunes on Tuesday: Ten Million Slaves

In case you weren't sure about this fact ... I love history.  I'm a huge fan of old music.  Not just like the oldies from the 1960's old, although 50 years is kinda old these days!!  Today I'm talking about 1930's Great Depression era old music.  Give me that bluegrass folk type, African American  gospel, early 20th century blues music any day.

The song I'm sharing today actually isn't from the 1930's but it could be ... you know except for the whole electric guitar thing : )  This song is actually the opening song from "Public Enemies", a killer Johnny Depp movie about John Dillinger.  Dillinger is a notorious Midwestern and Chicago criminal who was killed in 1934.

Otis Taylor actually did quite a few songs from the soundtrack.  10 Million Slaves though is my favorite.  Throughout the years I've come to realize that I enjoy the songs that are more unique in their sound, they aren't usually the number one hit off the album they are like the number two song or something.  This is definitely one of those songs.

When I close my eyes and I hear the banjo I feel like I'm going to open them and see gangsters whizzing by in their Model T's with cops hot their tails.

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  1. I have actually not heard this one before! I love being introduced to new ones!