Someday I will ...

Today I'm getting all thought provoking and maybe even a little profound with Taylor over at The Daily Tay.

Someday I will actually live within the city limits of my favorite city.

Someday I will be good about my skin care routine and it will be something that doesn't aggravate my skin after two days

Someday I will cook like my mom, just able to throw things together and it tastes yummy.

Someday I will get my hair to do exactly what I want when it's curly.

Someday I will exercise on a regular basis.

Someday I will be completely organized.  Our house, the blog, myself, everything!

Someday I will visit more of Europe.  I will visit Africa and Australia and so many other places.

Someday I will stop being so hard on myself

Someday I will just be happy with how things in my life are and how I am.

The Daily Tay

  1. Organization and exercise- two of my goals too! And definitely need to go easier on myself.

  2. I am so lazy about my skin care routine; actually, I don't even think you can call it a routine. I want to go to Australia too! Great list :)