Pin all the things!

Pretty sure I say something to this extent every week but yay for finally being Friday and the weekend!  For most of the day and currently my brain just has been out for the weekend already so Pinterest got some fun new finds!

Ariel Pumpkin-Carving Template | Printables | Spoonful
Kevin and I haven't carved pumpkins yet this year and this one looks awesome.  Although on a second look it does look somewhat difficult haha.  It is a template though ... we shall see what happens.  Maybe I can get Kevin do this one.  

Speed Bump

This comic cracks me UP!  Back in the olden days (try 15th century olden days) they would put someone who was accused of being a witch in a lake or river.  If they floated they were guilty ... sunk and they were innocent.  I love history humor : )

I totally have all the basic elements for this outfit!  Adding this one to the now pinned need to try it list.  During our Gamma Phi shopping night this month I splurged and got a really pretty red silky infinity scarf, can't wait to wear this one.  

I wonder if I could make this on my own for Gamma Phi?
One of my things lately has been looking at wreaths for our front door.  Probably wouldn't put something like this on the hallway door but I love the idea of crafting something like this for myself with Gamma Phi things and colors.  *Craft all the things!!!!*

New England Lobster Roll - a classic New England recipe that anyone can make at home!  The trick to this recipe is simple, fresh ingredients.  So delicious!
Can someone make this for me like now?  Please?  Thanks!!! YUM!
  1. That Ariel pumpkin is so cool! Mine this year was Linus from the Great Pumpkin special (my favorite) and my husband did Boba Fett from Star Wars. In fact, I just had to throw them away today because we got excited and did them really early so they already had mold on the inside. But I did post a few pictures to my blog yesterday from when we had just finished. The templates are easier than you would thing they are. The most annoying part to me is taping them down on a round pumpkin.The taller and flatter you pumpkin is, the easier the template will be. Happy Carving!! And I hope you post some pictures if you do it!

  2. That look so delicious!!

  3. That pumpkin looks awesome! I usually stick to the standard pumpkin face, because those stencils can get crazy hard to cut out. Love all the pins!

  4. LOVE that cute outfit!! And lobster rolls!! Yes Please!! I've got a giveaway going on on my blog, too!! Be sure to check it out!!