Pet Names

Like most ridiculously annoying couples Kevin and I do have pet names for each other.  Nothing super annoying we like sweetheart and sweetie.  For some reason though this weekend I made it my mission to come up with the most ridiculous pet names for him just to see how long he would take it before he was just like AHHHH!  Let's just say it didn't take very long.

I did come up with some interesting ones.  Starting right off the bat I went kinda old school 80's upper crust with ...
which turned into
Pookily Wookily
then went to
Pookily Wookily Poo

He was definitely NOT a fan of the Pookie series of names.  So I went another way ...


Then I tried the grandaddy of pet names!!

Kevinly Wevly Schnookers Pooka Wooka Poo

His reaction?

We decided to stick to Sweetie and Sweetheart from now on.  Although maybe every now and then I might bring them out.  I mean come on how can you not want to see those faces?