Electronic hoarding

Lately I've realized that I have a big time electronic hoarding issue!  I tend to keep emails until they pile up, my Blogger count is crazy high, I hit the limit on my Twitter number and I just tend to collect my online things in all their different forms.

A few months ago thanks to the slight encouragement (or massive amount of pressure!) from Stephanie I really started to take care of my crazy electronic hoarding habits.  I think I'm doing pretty well with my numbers ...

Blogger 602
Bloglovin 472
Twitter 699

I just checked Pinterest and we won't even go there right now!!  All three of those numbers used to be over 1,000.  What can I say I'm kind of a giveaway addict.  Albeit a somewhat reformed one now.  By no means am I claiming to be an expert in anything but I think I'm getting there with my unfollowing tactics.

First off I wanted to take you through the process of unfriending on Blogger.  I'm sure you already know how but if you have a large number like myself you might need an easier method.

First things first if you're not sure how to unfollow on Blogger head to the main page.  Click on the little wagon wheel on the right side of your screen.

If you're like me and you have a number of blogs you're following it will take a while to load. Let it do it's thing, go surf Pinterest, follow some more people on Twitter ... you know the usual.  As you can see since taking this shot today I have unfollowed more people : )

I suggest opening the blogs into a new window since then you don't have to keep letting things re-load every single time.  After deciding that you aren't going to follow a specific blog, right click on the blue "Settings" hyperlink and open that page in a new window.  

 If you've already done any kind of unfollowing you will recognize this screen.  It usually is a pop up that come up when you do anything with a specific blog.  By opening it in a separate window it allows you to unfollow that specific blog without having Blogger refresh automatically.  When you're going through and doing a lot this is key!  

My Top 3 Reasons to Unfollow a Blog

1. They haven't written anything in a significant amount of time.  I decided that if someone hasn't written since October 1st then buh bye.

2.  They write on a subject that just doesn't interest or apply to you.  Maybe some day when we start to have kids I will go back and follow more mommy bloggers but for now blogs about just their kids are not my cup of tea.

3.  They aren't "Friend" material.  Before everyone goes nuts let me explain!  I've started to think of the blogs I follow as friends I want to get to know and honestly if someone isn't a person I would want to be friends with in real life why the heck would I want to follow them online?  I know we do have those few people who I'm sure we love to hate read or stalk on Facebook, whatever you're poison is, but make sure the rest are friends!  I'm working on this one now I promise : )

  1. "By no means am I claiming to be an expert in anything but I think I'm getting their with my unfollowing tactics." there. not their. change it before I cut you.
    j/k love you.
    but really, fix it. I didn't even read the rest of this because I had to yell at you first.

  2. Ok read it now :) I'm glad you're unfollowing! I went crazy too, following for giveaways but now I only enter a giveaway if I'm already following someone. Otherwise my reader just gets too crazy and I miss posts that I really would have loved. Agree about why I unfollow. I can't do blogs that are all mommy all the time and sometimes their personality rubs me the wrong way much like in real life. I'm a picky follower now!

  3. So I am claiming that you and Stephanie are experts at un-following people at this point. I hope you two can rub off on me a bit. My list is crazy huge. I am glad that you post find my blog interesting enough to continue following!

  4. This was super helpful! I followed a bunch of blogs when I first started blogging a few months ago and fast forward to now when a bunch of those blogs haven't posted in months and are just cluttering up my dashboard. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. hahahah! Electronic hoarding!

    i am so so so guilty. i just deleted all of my emails... i had 1500.

  6. ALSO you are from CHICAGO> me too.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Not that I don't love new friends... but sometimes bloggers also fall off the earth, so I try and remove those too.