Electronic Hoarding: Pinterest

One area of my electronic hoarding I hadn't looked at before was Pinterest.  Not gonna lie it was almost as bad as my 2,000 following on Twitter!!  Unlike my other social media Pinterest is somewhat of a different story since I follow a large number of people from the non-blog world along with bloggers.  When I started to actually look at who I was following I realized unfollowing some people wouldn't be so hard.

First off head to "Your Boards"

Then click on "Following"  Everyone should be really proud mine was up over 1,000 this morning haha. 

One thing I noticed about people from my non-blogging life was that there were many people who I started following who had never started pinning.  First I went through and stopped following anyone who had less than 5 pins.  

Then like I've been doing with my other social media ... if I don't recognize your name/blog you're outta here!  Another reason that prompts me to unfollow is the serial pinning.  From what I can see it's mostly brands that will pin about 20 of the almost same thing or as I've dubbed it serial pinning.  Like Target pinning 20-30 pins all at once about shoes.  Not gonna lie this is really annoying it fills up the feed with all the same things.  I will admit I go on spurts where I will pin tons of recipes at once but it's not 25 pairs of pumps where the image looks almost exactly the same.  Usually when it's serial pins like that it's never anything that interests me.  

Eventually when I've exhausted those methods I will work on the tactic of if I like what they say they stay.  Although pinning tends to be something where people have tons of different topics unlike blogging where most of the time people are talking about the same type of subject.  I could be wrong on that though but will be sure to keep you posted as the numbers go down!     
  1. i only go on pinterest when i need something. this year, it's christmas cards because i make my own and am too lazy (read: not creative enough) to think of ideas but i don't even need to since pinterest is around! :D

    Vodka and Soda

  2. LOL I follow 144 people. And I only have 474 pins. Probably some I'm ready to delete!