What happened the weekend?

Seriously it's like the weekends just don't exist they go by so darn fast this summer (now fall ahhh!).  So as you can tell I don't usually do weekend posts ... well I used to then I had to save the fun-ness for the Thursday link up then that stopped.  This weekend was a fun one so I'm gonna share it!

Friday was tons of fun cause Kevin was filling in for 'Stache!  Plus Kelli came out to the show and we had a fun time.  They were actually splitting the time with another band which was nice since they had to all be up at 6 to head to Iowa for a wedding and I had some amazingness to accomplish during this weekend.

Sorry there are only a couple photos.  Kevin has the camera today and I wasn't fast enough in pulling them off!

Saturday I started off awesomely productive.  I got three loads of laundry done before the Laundry Troll popped her annoying head in!!  After that I was all set to run a bunch of errands when Stephanie was like you need to come out to Arlington Park my dad's horse is racing.  There was a little hemming and hawing on my part but I was like I've never been and I did say I would go the next time she raced.  So I put on a cute sundress and headed out.  This place is huge!  I mean it looks really big from the highway but it's seriously massive, just the area where the stables, the trainers, and the caretakers stay is like it's own little village.

Myself and Stephanie with the trainer

It was fun to sit in one of the cool boxes and everything.  This was my first time meeting Stephanie's parents and they were both super nice, her dad even gave me $5 to be on the horse haha.  Unfortunately she didn't win the race but did do a pretty good job keeping up with the boys until probably the last 10 seconds of the race.  Supposedly she's going to race again this season so hopefully I'll get to go again : )

The rest of Saturday and Sunday evening was spent doing amazing, genius things for my best friend Becky's birthday!  Obviously I can't share yet since her birthday is Saturday but needless to say I'm pretty sure I won't be able to top this one again.

Sunday morning was spent procuring a new little bistro set for our little balcony.
Threshold™ Savoy 3-Piece Metal Patio Bistro Furniture Set   
This guy had been hanging on at full price for a few weeks and they told me when the school stuff went on clearance so would the rest of the patio items.  Well it did!  It was about $50 plus 5% off with my red card and some giftcards to knock it down to $35 .... originally $100.  I'd say that's pretty good.  Michaels was good to me this weekend too, I found some fun things for Christmas presents!  Now I just have to actually sit down and make them!  Maybe next week ... : )