Tunes on Tuesday: Walk Like an Egyptian

I heard one of my favorite 80's songs today in the car and I just had to share my love today!

This one song that you literally cannot sit still while you listen to it.  I mean come on how can you not go all Egyptian arms in the car when you hear the first gong sound?  Kevin even gets down with a little arm movement when the moment arises as well.  Can I also say why when I try to 80's my hair it looks nothing like theirs?  I need to figure out the secret ... Maybe

And for two more people who can't help but dance ...

Yup I got the approval for ya!  Just a little taste of Becky and my weirdness from our college days.  Also note the fabulous semi matching Made in the 80's shirts.  So get up and start walking like an Egyptian across your room!!
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