Chicago Chocolate Tours

One of the many fun and exciting things that happened this past weekend was that Bethany and myself finally went on the Chicago Chocolate Tour that we purchased through I think Living Social!  We only bought them way back in May.  It started out being the two of us but all of a sudden the guys got in on the action last might too : )

Kevin and I started off the tour a tad late since the traffic in the Goldcoast right by Bloomingdale's is crazy at dinner time on a Saturday.  Our fabulous tour guide, Katie, actually called us to double check that we were still coming and everything was alright.  Quick side note I was emailing back and forth with one of the ladies from the Chocolate Tour office and she was so incredibly helpful and answered all my questions, amazing to work with.

Starting off the tour we just headed upstairs at 900 N. Michigan to Teuscher Chicago.  We got to try their Champagne truffle made with Dom Perignon Champagne.  So yummy!  They don't only do truffles, there were molded pieces, Jordan almonds, bars, caramels and so much more.  The coolest fact about Tuescher was that their chocolates are imported every single week from their kitchens in Zurich!

Window at Tuescher

Second we headed a few blocks away to More Cupcakes.  We got to try their signature More cupcake that is fashioned like a Hostess cupcake but waaaaaay yummier.  They had all sorts of delicious sweet and savory flavors.  Unfortunately they were out of the chocolate bacon one, our tour guide was raving about it.  Bethany and I ended up being smart and getting a mini cupcake flight to take home.  If you can't decide on one or two big ones it's best to go with six small ones right?  I tried the Salted Caramel one the other night pretty good ... tonight for dessert I'm going to try the Black and White mini cupcake.  

Our third tour stop was probably our favorite ... Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter.  This bakery is just a little hole in the wall corner of two skyscrapers type place.  Unlike the other places we got to try three different samples here and all were delicious.  My favorite sample was here the (very large) Country Bread.  I think the loaf was the size of my large Round Stone.  We took home a quarter of a loaf and have already enjoyed it multiple times.  For tomorrow's lunch I'm going to fashion a homemade egg salad sandwich with the bread nom nom.

Last but not least we headed to one of the bigger Chicago born institutions, Argo Tea.  The tasting there was a Chocolate Chai tea.  Not gonna lie I was not a big fan of this one.  Ever since I got sick on apples and cinnamon when I was younger I can't handle it and cinnamon really in anything is kinda bleh to me.  I did try it though!  I think next time I would get their Chocolate Mint Tea.  That's more my style!

Overall we had a great time with Chicago Chocolate Tour and would definitely do it again.  At $40 a ticket it's definitely a pricey tour but I have seen a few deals plus you can always check out the group rate if you've got a bigger group.  We will definitely be checking out the tour in suburban Geneva or maybe the hot chocolate tour this winter.  Anyway you want to enjoy your chocolate you can't go wrong with Chicago Chocolate Tour.
  1. I'm so jealous!! My husband and I were in Chicago a few weeks ago, but he doesn't like chocolate so I was unable to convince him to do this with me! Another time, I suppose!