The fall of freshman year of college my dorm wing participated in a time honored tradition of Sigma Chi Derby Days.  We were the Dirrty South aka 4 South wing of Lankenau Hall!  All of the ladies in our wing got super into the whole process and during all the events and whatnot I ended up meeting this girl, Becky, from the other end of the hall.  During most of the semester we sorta hung out some and talked.

Fast forward to second semester and my getting peer pressured into joining the radio station and having my show.  Being a lowly freshman I ended up with a late night weekend slot ... it might have been the 10-12 slot.  Becky ended up with the slot after mine ... or vice versa.  Since we had to walk allll the way across campus and we are both wimps decided to walk together then hang out for both our shows.  

After that semester we became fast friends.  Our shows were right next to each other for the next few semesters and then we eventually ended up with a show together too.  Becky and I ended up rooming together junior year.  Since then we've been just utter ridiculousness.  Junior year involved lots of dance videos, game nights, many dead fish and too many photo shoots ... some of which may or may not have involved a little drinking.  
Senior year we rocked things out.  Having three radio shows between the two of us and doing hilariously funny things on air.  Some day I will have the cassette tapes converted and share with you!  We cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for like 8-12 college guys and it was awesomely delicious.
Not gonna lie there were definitely times where we wanted to kill each other but that's what happens when you're unbiological siblings right?  That's just a little bit of our story from Valpo.  I still have yet to receive permission to post any of our videos yet but if I get it I will definitely be sharing some don't worry : )

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