You don't know me Pinterest!

This week I found a new Pinterest feature .. the "Picked for You" button.  Pinterest I'm not sure you know what you're doing on this one.  You sorta know me Pinterest but there are definitely some big misses.

I've never even read the Potter books yet.  What is with all the Harry Potter pins?  You must have suggested like 20.  Sorry Pinterest not so much!

Cute romper
A romper Pinterest? Really?  Really?  I have nothing more to say to you.

Tomato and Mozzarella Burger
I'll sorta give you this one cause I do enjoy mozzarella a lot and there are quite a few recipes I've pinned with that but straight up tomatoes like this?  Nope sorry.  No way.

Props though for realizing that 70% of what I pin is food and probably at least another 10% is blogging and Disney.  You are doing something right : )

Keep sending me the Disney and food I will actually eat pins and I think this new feature and I will get along just fine.  Now it's time for a girly movie and maybe some ice cream ... : D

  1. i love tomato so that pin looks good!! lol

  2. hahaah yeah. I love Caprese, but that looks disgusting!

  3. haha...I often wonder how they come up with this. Definitely needs work.

    Barbara @

  4. I love this! lol it makes me want to go through all of my suggested pins.


    1. It definitely had some amusing suggestions but also came up with some really good ones. I would suggest checking it out!

  5. Wow I had no idea that this button existed lol

  6. Growing up I refused to read Harry Potter because everyone read the books, and also because my little brother read them. If HE read them I couldn't possibly like them! (Ugh sibling rivalry..) What am I now doing? Currently borrowing his old books that I dug out of the basement—no joke!

    The romper suggestion makes me NOT trust pinterest. Or people who wear them. ;)