Schmidt Family Reunion

I know I've been bad and totally left you in the lurch about my trip to Boston.  I thought it was only fitting to start off with the most important part (and why we went to Boston!) The Schmidt Family Reunion!!  This is the family from my dad's mother's side, with me so far?  Well my grandmother had eight siblings who in turn had from 1-4 each, who then in turn had 1-4 kids each ... so yeah I have a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins.

Oh I was talking to one of the outlaws (what we lovingly refer to the people who married into the Schmidt family ... Kevin is an outlaw!) and I guess it's really weird that we call people who are older than us aunt and uncle even though they are really cousins.  Honestly I did this for years with one of my first cousins, who is my dad's niece but only seven years younger than he is so it makes her much older than me and I only thought it proper to show some respect to her : ) Hopefully that all sorta makes sense!

We started off that Saturday (the official day of the re-union with the Duck Boat tour for those of us who did not wish to golf.  Golfing is kind of a big deal in the Schmidt family world.  Since we were in an "exotic" locale ... usually the family reunion is in the Midwest ... most of us decided to do that instead.  There were some of the die hards (who are crazy) who golfed 18 holes mid-day on a 90 degree day.  Nuts I tell ya!
The Duck Boat group.  Kevin and I up front with Lou, Bethany, Mom & Dad behind

We headed back out of the city itself to Walpole, MA.  It's kinda like where we live in relation to Chicago, a third tier suburb.  Most of the afternoon consisted of hanging out, catching up, lots of kids running around and being all crazy like.  Like usual there were the lawn games.  There used to be a big deal volleyball tournament between the 3rd generation (my dad's generation) and the 4th (mine) but since most of the 4th generation has younger kids who still like to disrupt things it tends to only be a few rounds.  Although I think it's cause the 3rd generation is wimping out ... just saying : )

Bethany and I perfecting our no paparazzi poses.  Dad needs to work on his angles.

There was quite a bit of basketball.  My little cousin (just to Kevin's left) was his new BFF it was cute.  

Egg toss!  A new one for the Schmidts.  Look at my extension, such beautiful form.  Kevin cracked the egg on the return throw so it broke : (

The best part of the day, besides spending it with family, was hands down the boil.  It was awesome.  Cousin Doug went to Rhode Island, only a 20 minute drive, for the oh so fresh and delicious.  I have a couple recipes that are very similar and I definitely want to give them a go when the price is right on seafood.

Look at the concentration!

You can't go wrong when you're getting a whole lobster and more mussels and clams then you can eat in a week.  Everyone should be very proud of me I tried mussels and clams, I think I'll stick to my clams in my chowder and give the mussels to Kevin.
Our wonderful hosts!

Then came the other favorite part of the day ... the singing!  We are a very musical family.  We sing and play guitar a lot.  I did take a video of one of my favorites but my camera is not working at all.  I will keep trying to figure it out and hopefully have it for you next week.  Happy weekend everyone!

  1. Hey there! I just wanted to stop by to say thanks for the follow on bloglovin'! I'm happy to be following you back :o) Hope are having a fabulous Friday and have a great weekend!

  2. Oh no! Your pictures didn't show up!

  3. Oh man, we can't see the pics:/ but what FUN your family reunion was! I've been 2 so far on my dad's side, last being in 2010. We are supposed to have another one in cali in 2015. and golf--haha totally reminded me of my dad who is a pro golfer/teacher and plays golf here in over 100 degree temps anytime. I am so glad you had a great time! :)

    1. I fixed the pictures!! Yeah some of our family are die hard like that. I am not!