Out with the Old

Today I'm hanging out on not one but two awesome ladies blogs!  Head over to Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide for a couple fun photos and an interview with me ... then meander over to Hooah and Hiccups by Samantha for my Do This, Not That list of Chicago and a Giveaway!!!!!!  I'm actually super proud of that post so you better head over and check it out.


It's now one of my absolutely favorite times of the year.  No I'm not talking about back to school, end of summer or anything like that.  I'm talking about the new Pampered Chef products!  Now that I have you all excited I'm not actually going to be talking about those today haha.  With new products comes those products that will be no more : ( 

Sorry the photos are so large but I wanted you to be able to see the numbers and the products!!  Head to my website to see more details about any of the products being discontinued ... or any of the other products for that matter!  I've got a show up and running right now cause I hate when people miss out on the guest special if they order, it's the pizza cutter!!  We love our pizza cutter, my mom actually gave us the old version and got this one when it came out and I ended up being really jealous cause I love the sideways cutting.  PLUS just for my fabulous online blog world friends a special present added to your order just because I can!
I LOVE my Medium Square Bowl and Platter and I was waiting to splurge on the Large ones but it looks like I'm going to have to do it sooner than expected.  The bamboo just makes anything and everything look so amazing and effortless.  

I never was a big fan of the Outdoor dinnerware so I'm not too sad about those guys but look at that little box way up in the right corner.  You can't see it very well but that is the Pizza Crust with Rosemary.  It's smack your mama good OMG.  Unfortunately that set is the only way you can get it : (  If you know anyone who loves stones or pizza I would go for it and keep the crust mix!

 Overall I'm not too sad about the pantry items that are being retired except for two, Chocolate Peppermint Sauce and the Coconut Lime Sauce.  The peppermint sauce is amazingly decadent, it's so nice to heat up a little bit and dip marshmallows and animal crackers.  If you want to get really delicious take spoonful and stir it into your hot chocolate or maybe coffee (I don't drink coffee so I've never actually tried this one).  The Coconut Lime sauce has always been a big seller for me so I'm bummed to see it go.  I've had it drizzled over grilled pound cake and with marshmallows yum yum.  I think marshmallows go with everything haha.  

These items are flying off the shelves so don't wait too long!  Any questions feel free to comment or shoot me an email.  Check out the new website too, it's really neat.
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  1. I did not know you sold pampered chef stuff...I will keep that in mind for the future!