Monday already? Plus Katie from "He Calls Me Grace"

I can't believe how fast the weekends are flying by.  It seems like it was just June!  This morning it felt like fall weather which I'm not going to lie I'm not ready for.  I feel like with all the rain this summer we've barely had summer weather ugh.

Not going to talk too much about my weekend cause it was mostly boring but Kevin did have his super amusing moments.  Found out Saturday he had never seen Empire Records?!  I mean seriously who hasn't seen that movie?  How have we been together for almost five years and I haven't know and rectified this situation?  So five calls to five different stores and stops and two different movie rental places later and we still came up empty handed!  Thank you Amazon & Dad (who has Amazon Prime yay 2 day shipping) we will fix this by Wednesday and I will keep you posted.

Sunday after my fifth phone call to Dell (with them transferring me to 4 different people ugh) we decided to indulge in some Sunday afternoon cocktails.  Here is where I made my first mistake, I let Kevin play bartender.  Let me remind everyone two beers and he's half drunk, love him but he has NO tolerance.  So Kevin kinda got himself pretty tipsy and declared every Sunday afternoon cocktail afternoon.  It was super amusing and I should have probably taped him haha.
Now for my new friend Katie from He Calls Me Grace.  We were put together through the Bigs & Littles Network!  We decided it would be interesting to get to know each other bloggingly first by doing kind of an interview with each other.  Check out my interview with her too!

1.  Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging while job hunting this past winter. But, I got distracted easily by Pinterest more time than not. This led me to a few blogs and the more I read, the more I thought, “Hey, I could do that!” So I started looking into it more and next thing you know I was a blogger!
2.  What do you hope to gain from your blog experience?

At first I thought it would just be fun to design, show off my photography and be able to get creative. After I started getting into it and talking with other bloggers, I am realizing that there is a whole world here and I had no idea!
3.  What is your favorite part of blogging?

Being able to express my creativity. I love having an excuse to take pictures of inanimate objects and my food! And it is fun knowing that if I am bored, I can go online and read someone's post, leave comments to let them know I love it, or just shoot them a tweet....and there is always a blogger online to respond back!
4.  If you could meet any blogger in person (besides yours truly of course!!) who would it be and why?

Ohhh...hard question. I am not sure yet, there are a lot of great ladies on here. I don't think that I could pick just one!
5.  What are two of your favorite posts (links!) and why?

1. What Type of Driver Are You? I think this was one of my funniest, and it got a lot of reactions from readers. It was one of the first ones that I started getting regular comments on and that made me so happy!
2. Is Google AdSense Worth it? This is a concern I have. By posting it and putting that question out there, I heard back from a lot of ladies that this is a concern most of them have. I got some advice and hopefully everyone thought about it a little more.
6.  What is your top blog goal this year?

I want to grow my content. To have posts that are worth reading and not just fluff. I hope to get better the more I write and the more I find out what is interesting to others, not just me.
7.  What is your number one pet peeve in terms of blogging?

When I look at someone's blog and I can't find the basics about them: their name, where the live (generally), a picture of themselves and their contact email. I just recently had to contact a blogger and couldn't find her email or a way to send her any messages. I went from her blog, to her twitter, to Etsy...all before being able to find a way to contact her. It was way to much work and frustrating.

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