Kevin & His Time Out Tank

I found this pin forever ago and every single time it doesn't fail to crack me up.  If you haven't seen this one before thank goodness you're stopping by today cause you're missing out!

Tank for sale :D

Literally just read the last three lines over and over again. Hilarious.  I think I find it so funny cause I read in one of my friends voices and they are reading the entire ad very seriously without joking. 

Now that you've read it once go back and read it again.  Hee hee.  Neal is murderous scum ... no one likes Neal.  : ) 

Just sit an appreciate the hilarious.  Then go answer my questions from yesterday!
  1. HAHAAHAHA for a second, i thought this person was getting rid of her husband/boyfriend. once i kept reading it all made sense. lol. nice way to trick someone.

    Xo Marie

  2. I thought maybe they were referring to their kids or something at first. Regardless, hilarious!

    Hey, it's almost time for your ad to go up! Do you have a 250x250 button?

  3. Hahaha! I needed that today thank you!!