Goofy Party

I'm linking up with my favorite ladies again!  Also taking inspiration from the lovely Chelsee this week. Back in the day my friends and I didn't used to be big time party animals.  We had a much different opinion of what was a party!  Yeah we were goofballs but the party was always a good time!

This is how we roll through the parking lot

Toga/80's/Prom poses anyone?

Heck yeah we dress like cowboys with wood horses to go bowling.

Harry Potter glow in the dark glasses?  Heck yeah we will run around the Barnes and Noble parking lot taking a dozen photos with those. 

Strange things are definitely afoot at this Circle K.  You can't tell from this photo but this intersection is always crazy busy and yeah people were looking ha!

We're out at a bar and yet still as goofy : )  

Sometimes you gotta go goofy with you partying sometimes.  Now I will admit there may or may not have been alcohol consumed before the ridiculousness ... probably a lot in Kevin's case since we know he's two and done!  

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  1. Haha glad I was inspirational this week lol Thanks for linking up:)