Goals update {Link up}

Well looking back over my goals I had set last month I didn't end up doing as well as I wanted to.  My big push was supposed to be working on my music and photo files.  I ran into some issues about two and a half weeks ago when my computer hard drive kinda just blew up.  Not literally but I was without a computer for most of the month and it was a nightmare getting a new one.

I have gotten a good start on other of my 101 items.  We FINALLY used our ice cream maker for the first time.  When Kevin had bought me a cooking class for Christmas we bought an ice cream mix with the discount after the class.  It was peppermint and delicious.  It came with two packets of the mix but I'm also planning on making one of the awesome pinterest ice cream recipes.  Pretty sure the ice cream maker has change my life haha.

Kevin and I have also made awesome progress cooking one recipe from all my cookbooks.  We've been doing one a week and have gotten through at least four!  I will eventually (when I get my organization act together!) be posting those.  I"m almost a third of the way to completing my task of having Kevin's parents over three times per year for dinner!  Not so much on my parents but it's a work in progress.

So my goals for September
1.  Have my parents over once for dinner
2.  Pay extra payment to student loans
3.  Develop a cleaning system and stick to it for a month
4.  Continue working on scanning photos
5.  Working on cleaning up my music files

I have also decided that Kevin and I really need to work together more on accomplishing not just the goals on my list but everything we need to get done.  Our plan is to really work hard at being more of a team!

What are your plans to accomplish your goals for the next month?

  1. boo to the computer problems.
    yessss to the ice cream. :)

  2. Developing that cleaning system is always a challenge to me. I get something to work, and then something happens and I fall off the cleaning system wagon. Can't wait to hear what you develop.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. My goals are mostly blog related this month. I want to complete the Blogtemeber posts every day this month!