Go home Sky Mall you're drunk

One of my favorite parts of flying on any vacation (besides using my free drink coupons) is looking at what's new in Sky Mall!!  There is usually some ridiculousness going on and this trip was no disappointment.

Let's start with the sorta cool not really ridiculous.
I would actually use something like this.  Shoot I'd bring it out with me since we take so many darn self shots ... although it might be a little hard to operate after a few.

Two foot tall Coke bottle for $159?!  No thanks!  

This statue has been in Sky Mall for yeaaaaaaaaaaars.  I do not understand how it's still in the catalog, obviously people must be buying it for them to keep it in right?  Who is buying an 8 ft. tall woman with a lamp head?  Seriously I want to see that person's house.  

Now we're getting a little more tipsy ...
I want these and would buy these if they came in adult sizes.  I would get these in each color!!  When I was younger I would put the pool rings around my ankles and pretend I was a mermaid.  Looking back on it that probably wasn't the best idea ... you know potential drowning and all.  

For only $24.95 you too can have a creepy mounted half squirrel.  I mean seriously doesn't it look like it would reach out, grab you then strangle you?  I really have no more words for this one and let's hope I don't have nightmares!!

  Everything about this from the quote at the top to the the images ... so weeeeeird!!! I do agree with Anonymous though, what is with the human hands?  One bright point is that for a canvas print it's only $49 that's pretty good.  

These are just a few of the ridiculous items that were in the catalog this time.  Go home Sky Mall you're drunk!!!

  1. I would have loved the mermaid fins as a kid. I am dying at the selfie pole and mounted squirrel, though!

  2. Skymall is the best! So much random! It is weird that you can buy mounted animals, I thought the point was to show off that you killed it yourself?

  3. I cannot stop laughing about the half squirrel! It's terrifying but I kind of want it!! haha This was a great post idea also, I am glad to know I'm not the only one who looks at Sky Mall. On our last flight my boyfriend was SO ANNOYED with me because I kept bursting into giggles and pointing ridiculous things out to him while he was trying to watch a movie.

  4. These are hilarious! Does anyone ever buy anything from Sky Mall? That 8 ft. tall lamp lady is scary. I can't imagine how much shipping would be for it:)

  5. Guess I'm new to flying b/c I've never done it before. But what is a sky mall. Never heard that term. I feel so lost and out of the loop :(


  6. hahaha, oh gosh, sky mall never disappoints! I used to use the pool rings to pretend I was a mermaid too. Danger. These are so much cooler.


  7. ha ha! i always read their catalog! can't help myself :)