Tunes on a Tuesday: When You Were Young

This past week one of my extremely close friends and sorority sister's Stephanie came in to visit!  We didn't hang out the entire week (she does have other peeps she had to visit while she was here .. I guess) but when we did it was an awesome time!  I feel like I've told this story before but in case you missed it I'm going to tell it again : )

Kevin and Stephanie were friends first through the band members and some of their friends.  I met Stephanie the first time I met any of Kevin's friends.  We became fast friends and a few months in realized we were sorority sisters and became even closer.  Like any friend of Stache she was out at every show and we would rock it out pretty much every weekend.

I'm not entirely sure how it happened but "When You Were Young" by the Killers has somehow become our song.  I think part of this fact revolves around the guys playing this song all the time!  I'm sure it also was in part that the guys just rocked the heck out it too.

Until maybe a year and a half ago I had never seen the music video for this song and it really made the lyrics hit home.  I always used to think it was just about being sad that you're getting old but not quite!  I still like to think that's what it's about though, you don't want to get too depressed when the song is so rocking.  So every time I hear that song I will just continue to get nostalgic about when we were young ... in 2008 ... : )

Stephanie and I at the show.  Yup we're wearing the same shirt.  

What is your favorite Killers tune?

  1. Love them! I always listen to the same Killers album when I run--Day & Age. They are just so good. It's so hard to choose a favorite, but top choices are "A Dustland Fairytale", "Read My Mind", and of course "When You Were Young". I love how songs take on special meanings and either make you think of a specific person or take you back to another time in your life.