Tunes on Tuesday: Jeremy

This past weekend one of the biggest 90's rock bands graced the Windy City with their presence.  Pearl Jam played Wrigley Field!  The tickets sold out pretty much right away and were going for 4k front row compliments of the scalpers.  With that being said obviously it was going to be a phenomenal time.  Before anyone gets excited, I did not have tickets but in true Wrigley Field fashion we enjoyed the show anyways!
Becky, Kevin and Britta enjoying the concert.  Yes we're standing in the street (with a few hundred of our closest friends)

Pearl Jam is one of those iconic 90's bands that whenever I hear their music I get all nostalgic.  Yup nostalgic for grade school!  My brother was in high school during the time when Pearl Jam was as their peak and they were one of his favorites.  Again I wanted to be just like my older brother so of course I would go into his room and borrow his CDs to listen to what he was listening to.  I still like to think that he had no idea I did that but I'm guessing he probably knew.  

Jeremy is just one of those songs that sounds like my childhood.  It's not that the song reminds me of any one particular memory.  When it plays I close my eyes and it's like a slideshow in my head of the greatest hits of 1992-1997.  I think everyone in the 90's was angsty no matter how happy you were, it was a requirement.  It was a perfect song for a middle school kid trying to figure out life!

Like most music videos I really only started watching them a few years ago on YouTube since we didn't have cable growing up.  I knew what the lyrics were but until you put images with those lyrics it's quite difficult to really realize how dark they are and this one is dark.  Might I also point out the bowl cut that 2 out of every 3 boys from 3rd to 5th grade had.  Oh 1990's I miss you but not your haircuts!

What do you think of when you hear Jeremy?  Or any Pearl Jam song?

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