Too Many Changes {Link-up}

I have been waiting for I think at least two weeks to share this post with you, someone was slacking last week and didn't have her link-up going *cough cough* : D

2013 seems to be the year of massive change and ending eras for me.  The most recent one is Kevin has left 'Stache.  This was actually a while in the making.  We were hoping to end out the summer but with Kevin's job things were just too crazy.  Kevin was feeling for a while that he needed to devote more time and energy to work and me.  Although don't let that sentence lead you to believe that I was nagging him to quit.  I was actually pretty upset about him leaving.

So with all that being said two weekends ago Kevin had his last official show (and the proceeded to be a fill in the next weekend ha!).  It was a crazy fun night.  I got Lou & Bethany to come out, Stephanie was in town, Kevin's cousins came out and so did some of our other friends' that we haven't seen in a while and some since our wedding!

In celebration of what I was worried was my last night of awesomeness (it's not no worries!) here is our partying in celebration of Kevin's illustrious five years in one nice big photo dump!

Louie & Bethany rocking out 

Kelli and I

Kevin's friend Jonathan from high school.  He's been out of town so much this past year this is the first time we've seen him since our wedding!


Kelli and her mom.  Kelli got her pretty drunk and she is even MORE fun, it was great :)

I love my sister in law.  Two peas in a pod

Stephanie and I rocking our matching shirts


Five years crazy.  It's still really overwhelming to think something that has been that huge a part of our life is not going to be there anymore.  I don't like change!  Although Kevin did tell me he'd drive me anywhere and everywhere so looks like we will still be going to every show and rocking out but now Kevin can hang out with the ladies!

  1. More good times ahead! I'm glad you had a great time at his last official show.

  2. I hate change, too. It's so hard when something has been a staple in your life, and then all of the sudden things are different. That is awesome you got so many people to rock out for his last show. While one thing may be ending, a fun new beginning is happening, too! Enjoy your day:)