Ryan's Dirty Thirty

This past weekend was a big celebration for our good friend Ryan's 30th birthday.  Kelli had been planning this shindig I think since March and it was super hard to keep it a secret and talk about it with her cause he was always around!  In the end it was great because it was totally surprised, his parents came up from Kentucky and one of his friends who is out in Seattle came in.

Look I was able to work my photoshop magic and make a collage!  Everyone started of the day pretty tame but once we hit the trolley all bets were off!  There were get you drunk in one fell swoop jello shots made by Kelli's mom (upper right photo).  Even Stephanie thought that they were really strong!  Check out her post for fabulous shots of me enjoying my jello shots.  

Collage part two!  This one really does show the ridiculousness of the day.  Ryan taking a shot out of a blow up sheep's butt, Jay doing pull ups on the trolley, Kelli toasting, Ryan singing his heart out to Fun and Kevin sitting on the ground.  

Let me tell you about Kevin and his tolerance.  Well more like lack thereof.  He has a two beer tolerance and then he's buzzed.  That day he had at least five ... that I know of!  By the time we got to Headquarters Beercade he was so done.  Instead of going inside and sitting on a chair like a normal person he went drunk college girl and plopped down outside on the sidewalk at 5pm with little kids walking by.  OH Kevin I love you haha.  

This is probably my favorite photo from the day.  Since Kevin made me bring my big purse I told him he had to carry it and this is what he did.  Great day!


  1. I have a son turning 30 next month, and I'm trying to plan things. Something! We will now be only 5 years apart, since I haven't aged since 35! :)

    1. The trolley bar crawl was TONS of fun. I would have been content to hang out on the trolley more haha. I think next year I might try to take my husband on a brewery tour weekend (like how some people do winery weekends) not sure if that's a thing but I'm going to try. He's not big on suprises and being the center of attention for a huge group.

  2. Looks like a blast! Good for you to make him carry your purse. That's the worst--lugging a big purse around places. I wish fanny packs would come back into style:)

  3. All of the pics that you and Stephanie post look like you are having an amazing time. Thanks for linking up with us once again:)