Hope y'all had a good weekend!  Ours was a crazy one but you'll find out more about that on Thursday's link up : )  Just want to let you know I literally have meetings every evening this week so you might be getting a lot of pinterest love this week.  Hopefully not cause I'm trying to get ahead today but if you've ever met/read me you know how well that seems to work!
Elyse.  This is someone that honestly I've never really even mentioned to people in my everyday life and some of the thoughts I have today I've never have even told my parents.  This is just a jumble of my thoughts so I apologize if it's not very well thought out today.

Elyse is my older sister.  She passed away when she was just a baby and today would have been her 30th birthday.

The picture above is one of two that I always remember seeing of her growing up, the second is one of her standing up with a little plastic grocery cart that I remember playing with all the time as a child.  When I got older (and could actually have rational thoughts) I would think how nice it was that we had that physical connection even though we had never been sisters in same physical space.

I don't think about her all the time but every now and then, usually when something larger happens in life or I get nostalgic and look through my photos, I start to think how things would have been different if I had a big sister.  Would she and I have ganged up on Louie together?  Would the two of them have ganged up on me?  Would she and I have looked alike?  Maybe I would have followed her to the college she chose.  Would she have been my Maid of Honor?  Would I have been hers?

I always thought how nice it would have been to have a sister who I could do things with all the time.  Then I realized even though I wasn't able to have my blood sister around anymore God provided other sisters for me in the form of two Bs!  Bethany and Becky!  I really do like to think that if Elyse would have been around that we would be as goofy as Bethany and I get (heaven help Louie & Kevin when we get that way too) or she and I would have loved going to see cover bands together especially the 80's ones like Becky and I do.  Even though sometimes I get annoyed that I didn't know Elyse and how it wasn't fair that I never got to meet her there was obviously a reason.  For whatever reason that is I'm so grateful I have two un-biological sisters to help fill that place.  Yup I am very blessed.  

Happy Birthday Elyse.
  1. This is the sweetest post, Betsy. It gave me goosebumps reading it, because it's so honest and heartfelt. I'm sure Elyse would be so proud of her little sister, and the wonderful woman she's become:)

  2. Betsy,
    I'm crying as I read this. So beautiful. We lived in Alabama when she was born, so I never met her, either. But I will always remember her funeral. Yes, she would be proud of you. And probably you two would have ganged up on Louie sometimes and other times they would have ganged up on you. :)
    And a happy birthday to Grandma today as well... so much emotion...
    Kim (c:

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It's always nice to remember people who are not with us.