Brain Farts

It seems like it's just one of those days all around where everyone is having brain farts and has no ideas.  Or maybe I'm just the only one ...
This is pretty much how I've looked all day trying to think of something exciting to say ...  and I've still got nothing.  My brain is just super excited to head to Boston this weekend it doesn't want to think!  Plus it's Monday so can anyone really blame me?

I've been attempting lately to do cool photography things.  My most recent project is trying to make GIFs.  I haven't succeeded in that but I did make a cool video clip out of photos I took of Stache.  So since I have no brain today for anything here is something I had a brain for over the weekend : )

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  1. I hear you about having brain farts. Yesterday I was talking to someone and just completely blanked on what I was trying to say and just stared blindly at them not talking. I blame it on the rainy weather we've been having. That's a thing, right? Have a great time in Boston!