Yesterday my mom sent me the cutest photo of Bowser, my doggie nephew.  On Mondays my dad is off/works from home so my brother and Bethany bring him over to play.  My parents go through dog withdrawal sometimes since they can't get a dog.  Kevin is severely allergic : ( I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce him!

This is the picture mom sent me.  He's hanging out in Louie's old room looking at who knows what!

Lou & Bethany adopted Bowser from a shelter while they were living in South Carolina.  I believe they got him when he was about 9 months old and was born that large.  Bowser and I had a rocky relationship at first.  He was a little skittish around everyone, we think he might have been in an abusive household.  The next morning he was cool with everyone but when I came downstairs Bowser would freak out.  It was like he forgot who I was.  This would happen every morning!  We weren't exactly sure what caused it. 

  Who me?  

Since they have moved back to Illinois Bowser and I have become the best of friends!!   At first he was still hesitant but wouldn't growl and now he's excited when he sees me pull into the driveway.  It's fabulous.  Except when he loves me so much he knocks me over.  As you can see in the photo below he's not a small guy, he's even hunched over in this photo.  At my parents house he just needs to lift his head a little to swipe something off the kitchen table.  

We go on fun walks together. 

He has even taken to Kevin.  Although since Kevin has to be a bit stand offish (he has 20 minutes with Bowser before he needs to get out) it seems Bowser has made it his mission to be BFFs with Kevin.  Kevin's first meeting was a bit interesting as well.  My Dad and Kevin were chilling out on the back porch and whenever Kevin would move Bowser would go nuts.  So he was ok with Kevin as long as he didn't move ... ever.  They've gotten over their issues though.  

Adjusting to Chicago walks

Yeah I wear sunglass cause I'm cool like that

That in a nutshell is Bowser.  I really need to visit him more often so I can brag more on here : )

  1. Love the picture of him in the shades! He is such a handsome dog! Glad he was given a wonderful home and a second chance at life! =]

  2. I love that you have a doggie nephew! He is sooo cute..I love the sunglasses picture!

  3. So cute! He looks so cool in those shades:)