101 in 1001 monthly progress report {link up}

Yipee for new link ups!!  Since Stephanie and I have been working hard on our 101 in 1001 lists we thought it would be great to do a monthly check in.  I know for me keeping track of all the 101 goals can be kinda tough so this is the perfect time to look over the past month and see how well (or how much a slacker!) I've done.  Not just for 101 listers either, you've got a 30 before 30 join in, 20 in your twenties you're welcome, any sort of goal oriented listers welcome!

This Month
This month has been a little lean in the actually able to cross things off list.  I was able to cross off my Take the Chicago Architectural Boat Tour!!  So much fun.  I've been working on doing a lot of prep work for my more longer term goals.  I've been purchasing all sorts of DIY goodies, making recipe lists and trying to figure out fun events for Mother/daughter days.  I've also been working more on my digital organization skills.  It seems like I've been organizing my music files for a decade now but it will be done!!  

Today I was working hard on my scanning of all my print photos!  Here are a couple I did today.  

Me and my dad

Me being oh so 80's stylish

Next Month
I plan on actually crossing off FIVE items from at least three different sublists!  None of this crazy twenty like some people haha (kidding love you!).  I'm going to start it off right with pushing ahead with my music files and all my lovely photo scanning tonight.  

How are you doing on your list?  I can't wait to see : )

  1. Ah, I REALLY need to make my list! Great job getting some stuff crossed off and good luck on the 5 for next month! You got this girl!