Tunes on Tuesday: Chelsea Dagger


Just in case you're not a hockey fan the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!!  Last night Chicago went craaaazy.  You should really check out Taylor from the Daily Tay's post today, it looks like she was right in the thick of the craziness.  I'm not here to chat about the craziness of last night, we're chatting about one of my favorite parts of the Blackhawks ... Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellies

Chelsea Dagger plays every time the Hawks score and it now a staple in every Chicago bar playlist and party mix.  I know I've said this before but any song that incites flailing arms and jumping from the first cords is amazing in my book.

Even the most un-sports type person can't help but get caught up in the pounding energy of the kick bass and the bass guitar.  Plus can you even find an easier chorus to yell out?  Nope!!  You haven't seen anything until a bar jam packed with a thousand plus people erupts in synchronized arm pumping and jumping.  I can only imagine that everyone celebrating in the streets last night was singing this too.

In the mean time you really need to check out this article I found on the CNN sports page of Duncan Keith's baby in the Stanley Cup.  SOOO cute!


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