The Weekend of Tour de Franzia

This past weekend was jam packed with 'Stache fun and boxed wine.  We started off the weekend seeing 'Stache at Social 25.  Like usual things started out nice and there was plenty of room but probably 1,000 people in the bar later we wanted to punch someone.  All in all it was a great night though.  We took some fun photos,  we gave Tara's little brother a great new nickname that he thoroughly enjoyed : ) and we danced  ... a lot.

Saturday Stephanie hosted the first ever Tour De Franzia!  It was one crazy day!  Somehow I only ended up with one photo off my camera from the day.  For more crazy photos check out Stephanie's post.  There was lots of drinking games, mini bike riding and too much boxed wine.  Everyone should also be very proud of me I didn't get toasted but I held my own reigning as President for three rounds, getting tickets for drinking four out of the six wines and rode the bike back up to Stephanie's apartment. 

 This was when Stephanie and I were up in her apartment being creepers.  

All in all fabulous times!

  1. Love the photos! Haha you two are too funny..creepers..really?! This tour de franzia looks like fun! Hope you have a great weekend:)