The Evil Poop

If you haven't noticed I've been talking about Kevin a ton lately, well it started out unconsciously but I figure since his birthday is Monday I will chat about him for a few straight days.  I know I've said it before but he really is an amazing husband.  Last week I was gone 4 nights in a row, which we figured out since moving in was the longest we had gone apart.  Not going to lie two nights into it I was being whiney on the phone.  So Kevin decided the next day to do something sweet through texts ... I guess you could consider it sweet ...

**Disclaimer:  I asked him for permission to post word for word and the pictures and he said yes so I'm doing it!**

I should also let you know that about three years ago Kevin bought this fake poop from the $1 section at Target and I haven't been able to get rid of it, the darn thing always tends to make it's way back into the house.


Oh no the evil poop has kidnapped Yoda

I will get the poop

I should shower first 

Clean with spiked hair upgrade. 18x power and defense obtained

The poop is making a run for it

At a secret hotel the evil poop called for backup. Where could Yoda Be? (oh yes I should mention he had a show in Iowa so he not only took my stuffed animal but fake poop with him to Iowa to complete the story)

Super Kevin was hiding under the table

Super Kevin grabs the poop with great anger

Flushed down the toilet

Yoda and Kevin went to watch some TV.  Yoda is safe

Yup that's my hubby.  This entire text conversation is such a perfect description, both through words and the photos, of Kevin haha.  I'd would also bet money that he probably chilled out with Yoda like that for the rest of the night.