Say What Facebook?

A couple weeks ago someone posted a fabulous topic ... things people people say on Facebook.  We were totally emailing about her post and now for the life of me I can't remember who cause I want to give her credit for bringing the crazy to light first.  I think it should really be a link up cause I'm sure we all have those couple of people right?  I figure since it's Friday and one really shouldn't think on Fridays, it's bad for your complexion you know, I better give you some really amusing ones!

"I seriously just want to take a shower right now so nobody can see me cry."
So you post it on Facebook so everyone knows you're crying?

"I'm starting a revolution against bathroom attendants. We've lived under their oppressive regime for too long. I know how to get my own paper towels. SPARTICUS!"
I actually kind of agree with this one but am still amused by the rant : )
"Any chicks wanna come over and make out?.......or we can make out."
This one from one of my high school crushes ... me me!  Oh wait just kidding Kevin!

"throwback #paige #prom #freshie #dress #throw#back"
You're 15, prom happened a week ago and you're using hashtags incorrectly.  Not allowed to use Facebook anymore.

Happy Friday everyone!
  1. I like the rant about the bathroom towels it's funny.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. Oh wow! Yes! I have some ridiculous FB friends. i defriended a lot of them, but kept some purely for hilarity's sake.

  3. I do hate bathroom attendants. they make me so incredibly uncomfortable. Speaking of which, this bathroom attendant prank video was circulating earlier this week:

  4. The rant sounds like something I'd post.

    #1 is one of my most hated FB things - the fishing for attention. Something's wrong, but instead of saying it, I'm going to need you to ask me! Um, no.