Getting Ready Playlist: Driving Kevin Crazy Version

One thing I've realized lately is I haven't been sharing my love of music as much as I should be.  I am always listening to music, I love so many different types and I really enjoy reading about the history and stories behind music.  So from now on you will definitely be seeing more of that from me!


I always seem to put on the same play list when I'm getting ready to go out for a 'Stache show or out with my girls.  It makes the whole figuring out what to wear and applying make up experience more fun.  Kevin hates it!  He hates it because I always put on as he puts it  "that annoying pop stuff".  Kevin is a metal head so the pop stuff doesn't do anything for him.  It definitely gets me in the groove and ready to have a great night.

I know this one is so cliche but I can't help it I gotta dance!

The pumping beat gets my hips shaking. Although not too much cause I still have to apply my eyeliner!

I think this one is pretty self explanatory : )

I do like to go a little old school too.

'Stache used to play this song and I still am pissed that they don't do it anymore so I really annoy Kevin by playing it before every show. Although he's actually telling me right this minute he likes this song. HA! He is such a liar. He is now dancing in the kitchen. I should probably stop typing and tape this for you ...

Now that we're all pumped up and beautified let's go out get crazy!

  1. Haha I love all of these..I will definitely ad the ones I don't have to my getting ready playlist! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hey Betsy! I just wanted to thank you for linking up with us at the Let's be Friends Blog Hop. It's great to meet you!

    XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings