Being Better Pinterest Style

Yesterday I talked about how I'd like to be better in my relationship with Kevin.  Here are some thoughts I have about small things I can do to accomplish this. 

We write notes and leave them for the other and something permanent like this would be so neat. Maybe make a couple into magnets and you can leave different notes.

Kevin has been really trying hard to eat more fruits and veggies (jerk has been losing tons of weight barely doing anything too!) We usually don't get very creative with what we do .. plain salad, cut up fruit, or steamed veggies. Going out of both our comfort zones and playing to his grilling strengths would be a ton of fun this summer.

So I asked Kevin what would be like his favorite dish, if he could snap his fingers and it would just appear. His response lobster on top of a burger. Pinterest has everything! That doesn't actually seem that difficult I can make a burger and after Valentine's day I know how to make lobster!

Kevin and I are both Mario Bros. fans. I'm sure he would love a quilt and the cupcakes below!

These are just a few small things I can start out with being better. I made sure to make him a sandwich for dinner since he was running late :)

He very much enjoyed it : ) Although now he's being a brat and not letting me have any ice cream.  I kinda want to give him attitude but maybe I'll get something fun at Target later instead ... 0: )
  1. Love and want that quilt!!! and the note onto a tin? copper? sounds so sweet!!

  2. I have that little permanent love note hearted on Etsy, I want to get it for Izzy for our anniversary!