Advice From Bon

If you don't know who Bonnie from Life of Bon is then you are missing out.  I've hung out on her blog multiple times and each time she's been totally awesome and a super sweetheart.  With that being said way back in April she wrote a post that has been circulating through the back of my mind since.  Whenever I read people's posts especially when they're talking about more serious subjects I imagine that we're actually holding a conversation so that could be why this particular post seemed to really resonate with what was going on in my life lately.  

Her whole post was about being better.  To quote Bonnie:
"Why that's absurd!  That's too easy! That would mean...

When I am a better wife, Greg is a better husband to me.
When I am a better teacher, my kids are better students.
When I am a better friend, my friends are better to me.
When I am a better worker, my principal treats me better.

Surely it can't be that easy!"
Bonnie ~

It does seem that it really is that easy.  Let me give you a little back story about why this post really stuck with me.  I haven't really shared this much with anyone since I didn't want anyone to think less of myself or Kevin.  No no nothing huge is happening!  This first year of our marriage especially the second part has been really hard.  First off the two of us didn't live together before we got married and for most of our time dating we'd only see each other on the weekends.  So because of these facts moving in together has been (and continues to be!) a huge adjustment.  

Because of this major adjustment we have been giving each other totally snippy attitudes.  One of us will do something or forget to not do something and the other will just be a brat about it.  It isn't just one or the other either it really is both of us.  We have been extremely aware of this fact especially the past couple months.  After sniping at each other and then apologizing we just look at each other and ask why are we acting like this?  
The past month both Kevin and I have been really trying extremely hard to be a better wife, better husband and better roommates.  I can definitely identify with Bonnie's example of compromising and suddenly the hubby is your slave ...  haha just kidding ... sorta.  There is a definite difference when I make sure things are taken care of for him for the week or have done all the laundry, Kevin will try and make sure he does more cleaning around the condo or makes dinner and cleans up.  

Things are definitely still a work in progress since no one changes overnight but I can tell lately that both of us are trying not to snap at stupid things and help eachother out more.  Kevin and I are trying to just be better all around.  I think we've started off pretty well: )

Like Bonnie asked "And why is it so hard to be a good person?"

  1. It all sounds so easy and it makes so much sense! It's one of those "duh" moments when you read about it. But still, as Bonnie points out, it can be hard to be a good person! Sometimes it's just easier to be snippy and upset. Who knows why?! Good luck with your work in progress (:

  2. i definitely dealt with that when my then-fiance moved in with me (in my apartment at the time). It's hard to live with a guy!! and in almost 3 years of marriage (one more month to be officially 3) it's still hard sometimes. You get used to it and compromises are made and schedules are worked out, but there are still moments of "can't you close the cupboards in the kitchen?!?!" (<-- just me? hahha)

  3. I always find if I concentrate on me and what I'm doing and less on others and what they're doing, everything gets better, including other people.

  4. Living with a guy can be so difficult! Sometimes I just like things the way I like them and Izzy so does not get it lol. But it can be pretty awesome too.