101 List: DIY

Continuing my conversation about numbers but turning to a much more pleasant set of numbers ... my 101 in 1001 list!!  The past couple of months I've been a complete slacker on getting things accomplished.  I've come to realize that I'm going to need to do some serious planning and getting things like my DIY items and recipes picked out in advance so I don't have any excuses.  

Today I've decided on six different DIY projects I will accomplish in the next year, one every other month for a year.  My plan is to make out a list of all the items I will need for the projects, stalk Michaels, Hobby Lobby & Jo-ann sales and then purchase everything so I'm all nice and organized and ready to craft!  I think that was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself ... and I do! : )

I know right? Crazy huge undertaking but I really really want a sofe console table. I also figure between Kevin, my dad and his dad I can get this accomplished with a little aid. Although I am pretty stellar with a hammer and screw driver. This one would be first so I don't have all that wood hanging around

I need something so bad to house my bracelets. I have a large jewelry case but when you have bigger bracelets and odd shapes they don't always fit. Right now most of them are spread all over our dresser. It annoys me a lot!

As we all know I love me some Gamma Phi! Finding adult ways to incorporate sorority stuff is a bit difficult and one must be creative. I would do this one with maybe a smaller canvas so it's not so huge and gaudy.

Both Kevin and I are terrible about just leaving junk and smaller trash in our cars! This would be perfect.

For this one I think I would do a set of candle holders, different sizes, and possibly do a bit of a different pattern.

I have been working on getting rid of our old crappy magnets for a while now. If these go well I would definitely do something like this for other for gifts!
Materials list started!!  Feeling good : )
  1. you're a gamma phi?!?! That would have been my 2nd choice on our campus :) and the sofa console looks amazing!! i would love to do that too!!

  2. The bracelet holder is such a great idea!