Veggie's Pinterest Style

I like veggies.  Most of the time I eat them raw or steamed.  One of my goals is to actually try and do more with my veggies.  Of course I will always cook them healthily *crosses fingers*

I haven't found a ton of pinterest recipes that float my boat with veggies but here are a few.

I did cross my fingers remember! This seems like a great one for grilling this summer. I also pinned one with a smoky flavor to it.

No mushrooms on mine please!!!

I'm going to give myself double points for this one since it has fruit and veggies. It reminds me of my favorite salad at the moment and it's oh so fancy!

I had something like this corn at a restaurant and it was A-FREAKING-MAZING. I can't wait to make this one at home. There is also a Pampered Chef Recipe that is similar for the grill

I actually like steamed asparagus quite a but I think that my taste buds have been out of wack lately and it has tasted terrible to me. This would be a fabulous, simple, low ingredient way to jazz up something that I know both the hubby and I already like! Plus the flavor of the Feta would help with my taste bud issues : )

Do you have any simple veggie recipes that are your go to recipes?  Any fabulous grilling veggie tips?
  1. hey Betsy, thanks for the following back. We should get along great.

  2. So. Veggies suck. But my reason for commenting - you should make your comments not in a separate page. If you read from bloglovin, you can't comment. You have to exit out of bloglovin and come back to the post. Use the in post option or the pop up option. Makes it easier, people don't like to work at it.