SO that whole decision making thing ....

I cleared it with the hubby today .. the second table will be my anniversary present woo!  You know you're an adult when you're excited about furniture being a present ha. 

Like usual I'm having a grand old time making a decision on which one I like.  Here are the ones I like the best.

Threshold™ Avington Side Table - Black
I'm really liking this guy I think.  Kevin's dad and I mapped out the measurements and it's actually a pretty good sized little end table.  I also have enough to cover one of these entire end tables with $10 going towards the second

Threshold™ Staten End Table with Drawer
This one isn't exactly the color we have going on in our living room decor but I like the look of it.  

Timber End Table - Black
Like it but it's expensive!  

Accent Stand - Black  
This one is a little smaller in size.

Overall I'd be happy with any of these!  Thoughts?  The entertainment center and dvd bookcase we have are both non-descript black without any design to them so that's not an issue.  

Also how freaking expensive is furniture? I mean seriously some crap pieces are like $100 it's nuts!

  1. the first two are my favorite. and i totally understand the adult enthusiasm for furniture :D

  2. I've gotten excited about crazy things as gifts in the last year or so. Like mixing bowls and an iron. Who am i becoming?! Ha! Enjoy your new table! :)