One Two Punch to the Dreams

I am going to be whiny and whoa is me about this whole thing just this once.  I usually tend to dwell on things way to long and second guess things so many times.  So if I start to be that way in the future please leave me angry comments and get on my case about it.  Seriously I mean it!

Punch #1
I get home Thursday night from work and I do my usual routine.  I drop my purse off, put the keys away, look through the mail and then sit down on the couch to play my usual 20 minutes of Pioneerville before I work on starting dinner.  All of a sudden I hear "Hi Betsy" coming from the bedroom.  Usually when Kevin does something that actually startles me it scares me enough to make me jump but this time it didn't.  Now one might think that this is normal for Kevin to be home but I get off work at 4 and am home by 4:30 ... Kevin doesn't get off till at least 5.

So I walk in the bedroom and in my mind I know what's happened but I'm like please tell me you took a vacation day.  No such luck, he was laid off again.

Punch #2
If you've been around the past couple of weeks you've seen that we're starting to get ready to sell our place. Well that involves starting to talk things over with our Realtor.  What it pretty much comes down to is we would probably only be able to get 70k on our condo ... we owe 83k still on the mortgage.  Meaning if we sold it at 70k we would have to fork over 13k at closing from our pockets.  We have options and in reality the all kinda suck.

We could fork over the 13k (if it would actually sell), put it as a short sale which I guess is a ton of stress with the bank and would make it so we couldn't buy for 2-3 years, walk away which is dumb since we would totally mess our credit up, stay (her words) another 2-3 years where we are and go from there.  Obviously since we don't have to sell at this point we will most likely be staying in our one bedroom condo.  YUP!

This is the whining part so feel free to completely tune it out and skip to the end if you like : )
I am so utterly frustrated with everything right now it's so ridiculous.  Kevin and I have both worked very hard in school, since then with getting a job, gaining experience, and at the jobs we've had.  We don't make stupid decisions that cost us thousands of dollars (well there were some previous basses Kevin wishes he had the money from but that was before me haha), we try and spend our money wisely.  Yes I tend to go shopping but compare my couple of new tops at $6-11 to someone who is working a minimum wage job and just bought themselves the hottest smart phone.

How is it that people who should in all rights, because of their actions and decisions they made, be stuck in a situation like ours have everything just going along fabulous for them?  How is that at all fair?  It's not and I hate it!

And Scene
Ok I'm done.  I whined a bit and I'm going to (for probably once in my entire life) get over it and move on and forward.  Honestly that is really the only thing that can be done right now unfortunately but I am making some killer vodka lemonade with those lemons.  Once Kevin finds a job (and he will cause he is a hard worker and good at what he does) we decided we are actually going to do stuff to the condo that isn't just for selling.  Hello bright colored accent wall and new dishwasher!  Adios annoying 70's looking spindles by our front door.

Tomorrow I will be happier (plus I have an awesomely amazing photo of Kevin and I from this weekend) but today is my whiny day and sorry but not sorry. 
  1. Sorry love :( It really does suck. I'll be over soon to help you clean and organize!!

  2. I've been having similar whining are so not alone. I know it sucks, I'm sorry!