Mad Photograpmapher Skills

Linking it up again with my favorite ladies, Stephanie & Chelsee!   I attempted to take some terrible blackmail photos of myself this weekend for you but didn't get very many so I will keep at it the next couple of times and hopefully get more for you! 

I have been slowly improving my photography skills with our point and shoot camera and this weekend I figured out how to use the burst setting to get some killer photos of the guys!  Since they run around, dance and jump all over it's hard to get good shots but obviously there are awesome moments we want to capture for them.  Here are some of my favorites from the weekend.  
That is Ryan's co-worker celebrating his bachelor party.  Ryan dragged him up on stage and with both of them being pretty far gone it was the most ridiculousness ever.  The two of them were tripping over each other trying to sing into the mike. 

Look I got a good photo of Pat!!!!  I actually got quite a few.  Since he is always moving like a madman with the drumsticks it makes it insanely hard to get a good photo.  

Not my best but I need the gratuitous photo of the hubs right? : )

They're floating!!!  


Also need to send a shout out to Miss Tara.  It was her last night in Chicago for a long time.  She graduated law school and is back in Iowa to take the bar.  You need to get on it so you can come back and be a baller J.D!

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