It's Friday!

Yay for the weekend!  I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time.  I'm totally going to cheat and do a high five for my weekend a little early since I have been looking forward to it!

1.  Our 1 year Anniversary!!!!
I know I've been totally promising wedding stuff for months now and I've been a total slacker.  I want to do a cool week long thing and I've got some of it done but want it to be fabulous for you!  I can't believe how fast a year has gone.  Not going to lie it's been a tough year getting used to living with Kevin in a small one bedroom apartment but if we argue we talk and hug it out.  I love you sweetie!!

2.  Our anniversary dinner   
We are heading to Texas de Brazil for dinner Sunday night.  It's a Brazilian steak house, there are quite a few locations throughout the country.  Neither of us have been there before so we are both super excited.  I'm not sure how other places work but I guess at this one you have a card and as long as it says go they keep coming up with different meats for you.  Kevin might explode of a meat overdose haha. 

3.  My parents are visiting tomorrow
As I've mentioned before we're trying to get our place ready to put on the market and my parents are coming up with a bunch of boxes.  We will hopefully get a whole bunch of our extra stuff out of our condo so it looks presentable.  I'm also hoping we might get out and get some pretty new closet doors.  Our metal vented bi-fold ones really need to go!

4.  Pedicure & massage
I'm cashing in my birthday pedicure from Kevin's parents and I have some massage minutes at my gym.  Kevin will actually be up at his parents cabin in Wisconsin for most of the weekend so I'm treating myself since I'll be home alone.  Now to just find a good pedicure place in my area!

5.  Ice Cream cake
My awesome hubby got me a yummy DQ ice cream cake for my birthday.  We had to leave it in his parents freezer cause it was big.  I grabbed a hunk of it this week and I think I'm going to stop by this weekend and get some more to enjoy : )

  1. What an awesome weekend for you! Happy anniversary; I know you are going to have a fabulous time!