I'm Such A Nice Wife

Sunday was Mother's Day.  Yes I know I'm totally stating the obvious I get it, I'm really bad at starting posts.  Sometimes it takes me almost 10 minutes to think of my first couple of sentences.  So that's what you get for now ... Sunday was Mother's Day. We had a great day with both our families.  

Started off the day having lunch at Bavarian Lodge.  It's an amazing German restaurant in my hometown, just two minutes from my parents house.  It's our favorite place to celebrate birthdays and special celebrations.  I didn't snap a shot of my delicious Wiener Schnitzel cause I devoured it as soon at it hit the table.  Seriously it had been so long since I was there I was like a man on death row with his last meal haha.

Now as promised are the fireworks.  Since Kevin had been so busy right before our anniversary he didn't end up getting our cake topper in time from the baker.  Our baker had made a big deal about us making sure we didn't save the topper for the year, you would think someone suggested he spit in his cake he was so offended by the idea of year old cake.  All of it in his very thick Eastern European accent so it was a very comical meeting. Annnnnyways back to last week I picked it up and we decided to bring it Mother's day and share so we weren't stuck eating the whole thing. 

Our pretty cake.  Not exactly like our in style but it was the exact same cake & filling nom nom

Us being so cute and cutting it together

 BAM!  No feeding you nicely this year!!!  I also love how Kevin's grandma isn't even aware of what's going on here.  This was definitely a premeditated caking, I was sure to warn Dad it was coming and boy didn't he do well and get a good photo of it!

He was happy I got most of it in his mouth.  The funniest part was he asked me on the way down to be nice and I was very evasive.  He was then convinced that I was going to cake him but then forgot about it after five minutes ha!  

Our first photo within a photo.  We decided to give the "take one every year of you with last year's photo" pin a try.  I think we did pretty well : )

It just cracks me up every time I look at the picture of us with the cake.  HA!  Kevin is still saying I can't believe you did that.  Well sweetie you should know by now that I will cake you if given the chance. 

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