Grilling & Help Whip Cancer Pink with the Pampered Chef

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was very good although I did end up with windburn and found out that the photos are on three different cameras so I will have to get back to you on those.  Instead I thought I'd get you ahead of the game with the summer and Father's Day!

I've been slowly messing around with Polyvore and came to realize some Pampered Chef products are on there!!  Here are some of my (and Kevin's) favorites for grilling this summer.  

Pampered Chef Grilling Favorites

Kevin is totally obsessed with his flexible turner.  I think he likes it because of the larger size and it's thinner so it's easier to get underneath the food without cutting into it with a thicker turner.

If you're the type of person (like me!) who just hates picking out things for people and likes it when things are all nice and pulled together this month Pampered Chef has you covered!  Special sets out just in time for Father's Day or again if you're like me to purchase now while the deal is on and save for people's birthdays or anniversaries.

May isn't just about grilling with the Pampered Chef it's one of our most important months ... Help Whip Cancer Month.  Each May The Pampered Chef has different pink items that part of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to Help Whip Cancer.  I'm excited to get my hands on the Dots Dish Towels and my own Pink Color Coated Paring Knife ... I'm sure mom will appreciate having her's back! : )

These items won't last long ... in fact only three more days!

I've got a show going on this month and whenever one of my bloggy friends orders with me of course they will be getting a special gift but also to help promote Help Whip Cancer if you order any pink item you will get $5 shipping!!  Shipping could cost you up to $20 (depending on how much you order!) so this is a fabulous deal.

Just shoot me an email or leave me a comment with your info and I will get a hold of you right away!


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  1. Stop posting cute things! You and I both know I need nothing else!