Favorite Party Story

Memorial Day we went over to my parents and they had some family friends over.  While everyone was just hanging out everyone started telling old school stories.  One of the couples, Sue & Bill, used to be my parents back door neighbors the first time we lived in the neighborhood.  When we get together with them the old stories aka Betsy as a youngin' come out.  

I'm so cute!  I still have that guy but he's like a greyish pink now ha

Today you get to hear one of my favorite stories to hear at get togethers although I don't remember this taking place at all.  Not going to lie it's not as good as when Sue tells it since she does voices and all but I will try and do it justice!

When I was in Kindergarten I used to spend one morning (I was in PM Kindergarten) hanging out with my dad at church.  At that time he worked at our church as a Director of Christian Education.  So I was in the church office hanging out with Sue (the backdoor neighbor) who was the church secretary at the time.  So picture me sitting on the desk of the secretary just hanging out and flipping my Barbie doll back and forth. 

"Hey Sue"
"Yes Betsy"  
"You wanna know something?"
"Pastor B is a jerk"

Now let me let you in on a little something.  Pastor B and his wife were standing on the other side of the office and he is my dad's boss.  So yeah when I was in Kindergarten I called my dad's boss a jerk but that's not all!  

Pastor B: " Hi Betsy"
"Now who told you that? Did you daddy say that?"
"Well who said that then?"
"I did" 

Sue and Mrs. B were of course rightly so cracking up during this entire exchange.  What my parents have decided is that since Louie was in junior high at this time he was going around saying things like people are jerks and such so of course since I always do everything my brother does I wanted to say that.

Everyone was dying we were laughing so hard Monday, not quite as good as Sue tells it but still is making me laugh as I type it now : )

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  1. hahaha probably the last mean thing you said to someone!