End of an Era

Time to link up again with two fabulous ladies, Stephanie & Chelsee!  I know some of you might be wondering where my weekend update post was, well when your weekend consists of a party you have to wait and link up!  

Saturday was an end of an era for myself, Kevin, the guys in the band and some of our closest friends.  Uncle Fatty's Rum Resort is closing.  I know it seems very silly to consider a bar especially one like Uncle Fatty's that big of a deal.  Stache really got their start there.  They were the first bigger bar that had bands that had them on a regular basis.  Going back through my photos I can see at least 30 times (since 2009) that we were at Fatty's and that doesn't even include all the times I didn't go!  Which was a lot because Uncle Fatty's is kinda terrible ... no cover combined with super drunk undergrads who think they're amazing, yeah it gets ugly sometimes haha.  

This is a collage of some of my favorite old school times at Uncle Fatty's.  I know I still have a control bar on one.  I couldn't get it to go away : (

Saturday night was a ton of fun.  I was out for a while in River North celebrating Jackie's birthday then we headed up to Fatty's to end the night.  

There is a story behind holding the post.  There are about 6 wood posts with ropes on the front of the stage. This was always the best way of making sure annoying people didn't get up front and to push off back into people who were running into you!

The one to the left is just a little preview of what's to come next Thursday... the photos no one should really ever see!  I love being the one with all the blackmail material! O: )

Good bye Uncle Fatty's it was a interesting, sometimes annoying and terrible but ultimately good run filled with a lot of crazy memories!
  1. I stand by the fact that I take fabulous photos, even drunk!

  2. You all looked like you had a fantastic time!