Dang it Monday!

Dear Monday you were going so well what the heck?!

The last hour has just been ridiculousness.  Is it bad luck to break eggs?  Cause I'm trying to be a sweet wife and make my hubby hardboiled eggs for his lunch and one was like fused to the carton and just exploded when I tried to pull it out .. I didn't think I was grabbing it that hard!  The second one cracked when I put it in the water and the third I somehow launched in the air onto the burner.  Literally it was airborne!

This weekend was a great way to celebrate our one year anniversary and oh so productive!

Friday night the guys had a show at a place nearby called Durty Nellie's.  I have been going to this bar for yeeeeaaars.  I first started going to see Hairbanger's Ball, they are a killer 80's hairmetal cover band.  The show was pretty good, not as big a crowd as it could be but I think people are still at school so hopefully they will be back there later this summer.  It's nice to go there cause it's right by our house so we don't have a long drive home.  

Saturday my parents came over to help pack up stuff in our condo.  We were on FIRE!  Everyone should be really proud of me.  I was super brutal with what I packed and I've pulled a bunch of stuff to hopefully sell in a garage sale!  Seriously I was even packing up Pampered Chef products, you know I'm serious when those get put in storage.  We also took out two large tubs of winter/clothes that could be stored from both mine and Kevin's closets & drawers.  That took most of the day so I headed down to church with the family and then Louie & Bethany took me out for dinner to celebrate my anniversary.  Oh I forgot to mention Kevin headed up to his parents cottage in Wisconsin Saturday morning.  

Sunday was my anniversary present to myself.  Right away in the morning I headed over to my gym for a massage, they have a small spa there and I purchased a chunk of minutes for a fabulous price.  I probably got them back in November but I hoard those suckers like it's the last massage ever.  It was a interesting as well.  I had heard before that one of the therapists was blind but was amazing, I ended up having him as my therapist yesterday and he did not disappoint.  It was fabulous.  Later in the afternoon Kevin's mom came over and we packed up a couple small boxes then headed out for pedicures, my birthday present from her and Kevin's dad.  We went all out and I got a fancier one with paraffin dip and everything!

Then Kevin FINALLY made it home and we headed out to a delicious if not intense dinner at Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian steakhouse.  Neither of us had ever been to a place like this before so it was definitely an experience.  First off there is a huge salad bar which had tons of options then when you're ready for the meat you flip your little card to green.  Boy did that green card mean GO!  Probably within 30 seconds five different waiters with different types of meat were at our table. 
That picture has six different types.  Sorry it's not the prettiest photo but that was kinda how it worked haha. I can't believe Kevin didn't end up O.D.ing on meat, he did have quite a bit though. 
Happy hubby enjoying his dinner : )  We were both terrible and didn't have anyone take a photo of both of us : (
Kevin opening his anniversary present.  Notice that it is paper ... which is what you're supposed to give for anniversary #1.  He got two books he's been dying to read about metal bass players.  No present for me yet but he's been busy so he has an excuse.  Maybe I'll just go out and buy the new end tables I want and call it even?  Sounds good right : )

Kevin's dad came over tonight and like usual we ended up discussing important condo matters for waaaaay longer than expected so I didn't get to feed myself until way later than my usual little old man time.  I promise to be more punctual tomorrow!  Now to go take care of those darn eggs!  Let's hope I don't break another ... or what 7 weeks bad luck maybe?
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