Chicken or the Egg? Pinterest Edition

I tricked you!  We're just talking chicken today, no eggs.  I know I'm so sneaky : )

Lately it seems like Kevin and I have been eating a ton of chicken.  Maybe I just tend to stock up too much when it goes on sale, maybe Kevin has an unusual obsession with birds.  Maybe it's a little bit of both.  Either way our usual season with a rub and bake is getting old ... old enough that it was there when the chicken or the egg came first.   

I've been thinking that we really need to spice things up ... pun intended : )  So of course what do I do?  Do I turn to my one of I think 76 cookbooks/magazines?  Nope!  I head to Pinterest!  I really do need to work on cooking from my cookbooks I know. 

With it actually sorta becoming summer here in Chicago this would be the perfect summer time grill meal. Plus I love any recipe that has the starch and veggies worked in!

This weekend while we were out Kevin got this awesome bacon wrapped chicken dish so I think I really need to try something. His was stuffed with sausage, perfect for him who must have meat, but I think the Gorgonzola stuffed chicken would go over great too!

Kevin is obsessed with lemon and lime. He will add it to the wackiest things! I think this recipe would be a good one for both of us, the sweet and citrus. Plus another great grilling recipe that I don't have to do the cooking on!

Here is one I've actually cooked before! Super easy and yummy. The tang of the BBQ sauce and flavor of the Parmesan give it a unique flavor. I would highly recommend this one.

In our house we're huge fans of Greek food. Tzatziki is one of my favorite things nom nom! Using chicken instead of Gyros meat will definitely cut down on the calories and give the dish a different flavor. Also for the marinade I would use Pampered Chef's Greek Rub instead of all the dry ones, cuts down on the ingredients and time even more!

What are some of your favorite chicken recipes?  I'm always on the look out for more to collect!

  1. Something I tried last weekend:

    Pound chicken breast, put mozzerella cheese (stick) inside, roll up and pin with toothpicks. Bake at 375F for about 20 minutes. Yummy cheese-stuffed chicken breast! It was glorious.

    Oh, sprinkle some basil inside if you want even more flavor.

  2. I just got rid of all of my cookbooks except for four, and those are nostalgic/the bible (The Joy of Cooking). Everything else is online and I organize it on pinterest!

    I love to marinate chicken in light creamy caesar and bake it.

  3. the bacon wrapped chicken looks so yummy! found you from the blog hop following you in bloglovin

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