Blackmail Photos: Stephanie Edition

As promised I have found more fabulous blackmail photos for you!!!  There will probably be at least parts three and four to this series as well.  There are just THAT many amazing blackmail photos haha.  I've come to realize that there aren't very many of myself, which is the price you pay when you're the photographer.  This weekend my goal is to get at least three great blackmail photos for you!

Without further ado this week's edition of Blackmail photos ... Stephanie!!!

 Starting off not so bad ....

We quickly go downhill ....

This face seems to be one of her signature ones ...


Those are really just the tip of the iceberg mwahaha.  I can't show all my good blackmail material can I?  : )

  1. yeah these are pretty much the best!! and i love her double-fisitng beer one!! Great job Betsy!!!

  2. Pssssh blackmail. I am fabulous in all of these!!!

  3. Omgsh these are so cute! I love them, it def. looks like you ladies know how to have fun! Thanks for linking up with us:)