Awkward Issues

At work I had a lovely awkward moment Monday.  Now I'm sure it wasn't awkward for the assistant director but I felt awkward!  

Let me set the stage for you.  The ladies bathroom is right next to the museum ... literally ... you could have one foot in the museum door and one in the bathroom door they are so close.  Usually I'm not paying much attention when I fly out of the museum into the bathroom cause I'm like I've got to go!  So I started off the situation by almost running into the assistant director as we both reach for the door.  *cue song from Chicago*.  

After an awkward 10 seconds (which seemed liked 10 minutes) of us both being like you first, we both proceed to make our way into the bathroom.  Now this isn't your usual nice work bathroom.  Since we're in the basement, away from light and civilization so this is very much an afterthought bathroom.  The two stalls were probably one that was a little bigger but cut in half.  We head to our respective stalls.

One thing you should know about me is I always feel really self conscious and weird when someone is in the stall next to me.  Let's say we're at the airport, three planes just got in and the ladies room is packed.  No issues with that one since everyone is loud and the stalls are jam packed so not so weird.  Only you in a row of 9 stalls in the Target bathroom and someone goes into the one right next to you ... weird!!!

So here we were sitting on our respective seats probably no more than two feet from each other and I'm just sitting there thinking "OMG I really need to fart".  Yes that's what I said fart!  I try and do those when I'm in the restroom so at least it's not a potential stinky situation.  I'm just considerate like that : )  So there I was just sitting there thinking about how much I had to fart and waiting.  Unfortunately it got to the point where it was weird that I hadn't exited yet so I had to get my act together and come back later. 

So awkward all around!  Have you had any fun awkward situations lately?
  1. LOL That's hilarious. I flush and fart if needed....then I make a beeline out of the bathroom just in case it has some kick to it. LOL. No awkward moments around here as of late but thank for sharing yours.

  2. Bahahahahaha
    Now I see what you meant.