Weekend Non-Shenanigins

This weekend was so non-shenanigans it was ridiculous.  I actually had Friday off (yay for working at a religious organization) but I honestly can't even tell you what I did during the day.  I probably worked on my post the entire day ha!  Speaking of if you didn't see it check out the giveaway I have going on!  Friday night was spent watching a movie with the hubby.  He had never seen Mr. & Mrs. Smith!?   In the whole Jenn v. Angelina thing I'm totally on the Jenn team, love Friends, love pretty much everything Jenn does but I actually really like this movie.  Sometimes I feel like I'm the guy in our relationship, this is like the 4th action/guy type movie that Kevin has never seen.  

Saturday was more of the same, I have no clue!  I think we did laundry?  There was some cleaning maybe.  You'd think I was 90 the way I forget things sometimes.  Saturday night we went to Easter services and dinner with my family.  It was a bit odd to go on Saturday night.  That is our usual service we attend but usually for the bigger holidays we will go at more of the typical time.  

Saturday night at our church is definitely more casual and free form so attending for a major holiday was a change!  One exciting part was that there were three unplanned baptisms.  One of the big points of the service was being reborn and saved and if people wanted during a certain song they could come up and pray with someone or be baptized if they wanted.   It was very inspiring that those three ladies had the courage to just walk up and do it.  Maybe they had been thinking about it for a long time or maybe it was a spur of the moment decision but either way still amazing.  

Like the other holidays this year we were all over the suburbs ... well not really only Palatine & Lisle but still. Starting off the morning with Kevin realizing I left my antibiotics at home and two trips to his parents makes it seem like we drove all over. Delicious pancake breakfast with his parents followed by late lunch at my parents.  We "surprised" my brother & Bethany with a new wheelbarrow and fire pit.  Mom and I wheeling it around the house on the hill side was a sight to see!  There were also some pretty intense Pictionary matches.  Much to mine and dad's disappointment we both totally failed at getting any photos of the weekend!

Best part of the weekend? IT'S APRIL!!!!  That means it's my birthday month!!!!!  The deals have started coming in oh yeah!  I am working on some special things for this month.  If you would like to be a part of it as well shoot me an email, tweet me, comment, send smoke signals or shoot me a telegram.  I would love to have you be a part of my birthday shenanigans .... I promise they will be more lively than my weekend : )

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