Spring Cleaning: Pinterest Edition

To spur on my spring cleaning/just getting our condo in shape I decided to go to one of the best sources for advice from others ... Pinterest!

I am a HUGE fan of crossing things off lists. It's extremely satisfying when that dark line goes through the entire item. I especially love it when it's on a whiteboard. This list would be a little too much for a whiteboard so I'll stick to crossing it out with pencil.

Why didn't I think of that?!  Some people are just geniuses. 

I'm sure we need to do this. We also need to pull out the stove and clean in the cracks between the stove & counter. Darn stove!

Wish I had seen this an hour ago. I love using our foreman but the darn thing is so hard to clean. Will definitely be trying this one next time.

There are some fabulous tips in here. I guess there is something to Kevin's hanging of EVERYTHING (yes even his gym shorts)!

And since I can't be too serious all the time a little cleaning smart alec & humor.

Source: google.com via Makayla on Pinterest

  1. LOVE this post. I've been in the "spring cleaning mood" lately! In fact, I just cleaned the kitchen and cleaned up my closet (organizing still to come) tonight! Yes, I'm crazy doing all this on a Wednesday night, but, I feel SO MUCH better about it! I'm going to be deep cleaning this weekend, too! I'll be using some of these pins for sure!