Randomness Post

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short on the weekend.  You'll actually have to wait until Thursday when I link up with Stephanie for her The Party Don't Start Til I Walk In link up.  : )  Sunday I went up to the Premier Outlets in Pleasant Prairie, WI with Rachel.  That's a picture of her from NYE a couple years ago.  I felt that was an appropriate photo since I had been talking about the party link up. 
We totally rocked the outlet mall.  Ended up getting new jeans from Old Navy for the hubby at a great price.  Both Rachel and I went a little nuts at the NY&Co store.  Although I don't feel totally bad about it since I was buying new work pants and I returned twice as much from my online order.  I do not get dress pants.  They are the worst things ever for me, I don't seem to fit in my usual size range they're tight and cling to the wrong places blah!  Maybe someday I will work in a jeans environment again!
We also both got the same cute pair of sandals so when it gets to be sandal weather here (some day ... eventually) we're going to do a little fashion post for you.  Even though we tend to shop at the same stores we have totally different styles.  Also by then maybe I can teach the hubby to take better photos : )
I might have mentioned this before but we're starting to look at new places to live.  Which is amazing for me since I LOVE to wishful real estate.  I can sit there and search for hours just looking at photos.  Just go on Redfin.com and search Naperville or Chicago 1 million+ homes and just tell me you're not hooked! So last night we went and looked at our first condo!  We were super excited about this place.  It's a building that was bought by a developer and upgraded.  This one was actually already purchased and had some amazing upgrades.  

The building does allow dogs so we thought we would go check it out and see.  Kevin actually didn't have very much of a reaction which was great but he could definitely feel it : (  so alas this place will not work for us.  Be sure to head to the listing and check out the other images.  It's a beautiful listing. 
I'm sure I will be sharing more awesome listings ... I should probably share some of the 1 million + listings too : )  Well I'm off to go rip apart the kitchen to try and find something sweet.  I know we've got something that can satisfy the sweet tooth I've got going right now.    

  1. Hi Betsy! How appropriate that I should come to your blog and see a "randomness" post first! I am stopping by because you are #72 to follow my blog. 72 is my favorite random number! I figured I should celebrate - sidebar space and an awesome skincare trial are yours if you want them! Thank you!

  2. I really enjoy looking at real estate listings too! My husband and I are considering buying our first home soon, so I've been spending way too much time lately looking at properties!

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. It's fun just to look at real estate listings to play make believe. Hmm, I wonder if I could buy that 5 million dollar house...